1. Shortcut to open System Preferences… everywhere!

    System Preferences. I tend to run it quite often per day while I configure my workflows and keyboard shortcuts, IAC Bus stuff and whatnot. While loading System Preferences with Alfred is fairly quick and all, it just kind of feels like a shortcut should be available for opening System Preferences.

    How about CMD-Shift-,   ?

    1. Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts ->  Application Shortcuts.
    2. Write “System Preferences…” to the Menu Title.
    3. Pick your Keyboard Shortcut.
    4. Save.

    Works like a charm. I love OSX.

    P.S. the neat arrows + text for this screenshot are made possible by using a tool a friend just told me about, called Skitch, which is available, for free, from the Mac App Store… Just so you know, it can also upload your brand new picture to your SFTP/FTP server of choice and it will also paste the direct URL to the picture to your clipboard.

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