1. How to get rid of Smart Quotations on OSX Mavericks’ TextEdit

    I was running into this issue forever - I would press Shift-CMD-T and TextEdit would switch to non-RichTextFormat, yet everytime I would place a quotation mark (), it would change it to a curly quotation mark (“”). Since I do a bit of HTML updating with TextEdit, this meant that I was simply unable to copy & paste HTML code with quotations without resolving this issue.

    Luckily, there’s a place you can solve this issue right away - same with disabling the Smart Dash (a would change into a  which, again, causes issues).

    Where? In System Preferences? Nope. In TextEdit -> Edit -> Substitutions -> Smart Quotes TextEdit -> Edit -> Substitutions -> Smart Dashes

    So, if like me, you’re running into OS X Mavericks suddenly deciding to modify your quotation marks or quote marks, when you least want it to, just disable these two Substitutions. 

    It took me a while to Google the answer to this issue so here’s an article about it. 

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  2. Using Automator to run a Sudo command on the terminal to fix USB Tethering issue on OS X, be prompted for password

    Interesting issue, ran into a MacMini2,1 that was unable to connect to the net with an iPhone through USB Tethering - after some fiddling around, found out that you can actually force USBTethering to work with a sudo kextload command.

    However, having to type it every time you boot up OS X lead to trying to find out how to use Automator to do it for me.

    So, here you go. A couple of assumptions: You know the Admin password, and don’t have a problem typing it every time you wish to connect to the web. You actually have this issue (for some reason, it occurred on OS X 10.6.3).

    Start up Automator

    Choose Application for your type of document.

    Pick Run AppleScript from your Actions -list

    type up do shell script “sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBEthernetHost.kext” with administrator privileges

    Remember to right-click on the little stub that connects “Application receives files and folders as input” and “Run AppleScript” and select Disable.

    save to Desktop using a name you recognize.

    Now run it everytime you boot up OS X 10.6.3 - in case your iPhone USB Tethering does not work.

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  3. HOW-NOT-TO: Set Screen Sharing / Remote Management on an OS X Snow Leopard machine without display

    Here’s an interesting pickle, a Mac Mini with a broken display.

    If you’re one of the lucky ones that have automatic log-on enabled, you can start up a Terminal from Spotlight simply by pressing CMD-Space, typing Ter, pressing enter and then simply testing it by writing: say 35

    If you heard the sultry tones of “Thirty-Five” coming from your Mac Mini, you’re set to do some of the worst fiddling mankind has ever not-seen / heard of.

    If you wish to find out the IP Address of your Mac Mini, type this:

    ifconfig | grep “inet ” >i.txt

    Then say the file!

    say -f i.txt

    The first line will be the local IP Address, but the second one is the useful one - listen to that.

    Let’s say your Mac Mini’s IP address is, we now have something to go with. Remember, the objective is to get Screen Sharing and Remote Management running.

    Here’s where it gets weird.

    whoami >p.txt

    say -f p.txt

    suddenly you know your username on but can do nothing else. 

    VoiceOver won’t do the trick (CMD-F5), as anything might happen. This is when you give up and install the videoprojector to the Mac Mini and enable the MacMini’s Screen Sharing aspects.

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  4. Apple - iBooks Author support for iPhone

    Hi. It would be wonderful if one could author iBooks for the iPhone with iBooks Author. Thanks.

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  5. Books on Pure Data (pd)

    * Loadbang - Programming Electronic Music in Pure Data - Johannes Kreidler (HTML, Direct buy link (Book))

    * Programming Sound with Pure Data - Make Your Apps Come Alive with Dynamic Audio - Tony Hillerson (Direct buy link (Book&PDF), Amazon)

    * Designing Sound - Andy Farnell (Amazon)

    * Making Musical Apps - Real-Time Audio Synthesis on Android and iOS (Amazon)

    * Composition: Pure Data as a Meta-Compositional Instrument - Michael Barkl (PDFAmazon)

    * The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music - Miller Puckette (AmazonPDF)

    * bang~ - Pure Data - Edited by Fränk Zimmer (PDF, Direct Buy)

    * PD Reference Card - Karim Barkati (PDF)

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  6. OS X Mavericks & SPORE (Electronic Arts)

    There seem to be two main issues with SPORE on newer machines.

    First, for whatever reason, if you get glitchy (ultra-glitchy, ultra-slow, flickering weirdness) displays, launch up your Terminal and do this:

    cd Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences

    pico config

    and find yourself the line that says "fbobackbuffer" = "0".

    If you now go and switch it to "fbobackbuffer" = "1", Mavericks will allow you to actually play it properly.

    But the second, far more interesting issue is that of PRAM resets. As you might know, you can do a PRAM reset during the restart of your laptop or desktop, by holding down CMD-ALT-P-R. This will result in the screen going blank and the Apple chime playing full volume. 

    Now, I have no idea how the guy who wrote these lines came up with them, but here they are for posterity.

    • Delete the whole SPORE folder form /Applications.
    • Delete the Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences -folder.
    • Restart & zap the PRAM.
    • Install SPORE.
    • Launch SPORE.
    • Click No when asked to Update.
    • Quit SPORE.
    • Restart & zap the PRAM.
    • Launch SPORE.
    • Allow SPORE to update (once).
    • Quit SPORE.
    • Restart & zap the PRAM.
    • Launch SPORE.
    • Allow SPORE to update once.
    • Restart & zap the PRAM.
    • Repeat the “update once, restart, zap PRAM” until all the updates have been installed.

    Worked for my OS X Mavericks, and that fbobuffer thing worked for a Snow Leopard install (no PRAM resets required on an older Mac Pro). Your mileage may vary, but please do chime in if you get it to work or if you still have issues.

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  7. OSX: Schism Tracker, an Impulse Tracker clone - experiments in trying to compile for OS X Mavericks

    Hi. Schism Tracker is fairly amazing, working for Windows, OSX, Unix and many others. It can safely be said that I’ve been working with this, or Impulse Tracker (for Schism Tracker is a clone of it) since 1997 and have enjoyed it immensely.

    However, moving to OS X Mavericks & Retina MacBookPro land led me into an interesting predicament - Mavericks allows for fullscreen without disabling of the other monitors - Schism Tracker however isn’t compiled for it.

    So, since I know practically nothing about Xcode 5 GM or code per se, it’s time to try and get a version of Schism Tracker installed and hopefully be able to compile it.

    I start with

    hg clone http://schismtracker.org/hg/ schismtracker

    only to find out that I can’t do it without something called Mercurial. After downloading Mercurial for OS X 10.8hg started working. So far, so good.

    But here is where it gets interesting - is Schism Tracker a Cocoa Application? a Command Line Tool? a SpriteKit game? Cocoa-AppleScript Animations? I’m going to go with it being a Cocoa Application.

    —time passes—

    Ok, in order to use the C-code that SchismTracker has been developed in, I need to instead choose Command Line Tool. This shows a main.c which can be replaced with the SchismTracker main.c. I’m going to try bruteforcing all the schism C-code into the projectonto the same folder, and see what happens.

    —time passes—

    So, I can’t do anything, unless if I install Homebrew by writing

    ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)”

    Then after that, you have to 

    brew install automake

    Then you have to magically know to do a 

    autoreconf && ./configure

    which will simply result in

    configure.ac:61: warning: macro ‘AM_PATH_SDL’ not found in library

    configure.ac:61: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PATH_SDL

          If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.

          See the Autoconf documentation.

    autoreconf: /usr/local/Cellar/autoconf/2.69/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1

    brew install sdl

    brew install sdl_gfx sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf

    sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/sdl/1.2.15/include/SDL /usr/local/include/
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/sdl/1.2.15/ /usr/local/opt/sdl


    autoreconf -i 
    ./configure; make; make install

    and now you have a schismtracker you can run. But that’s nowhere near getting it to compile with xcode, as multiple errors will still result. 

    P.S. Yep, I’m fairly aware that “Well, if Xcode 5 is optimized for Mavericks, maybe it will magically support double monitor usage without having to change any code in SchismTracker itself” is pretty utopian. But bear with me.

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  8. Commentary on MacWorld article: “For OS X Mavericks, the best is yet to come” -

    Another case of commenting broken on an Apple News website, this time MacWorld with their “For OS X Mavericks, the best is yet to come

    This whole thing screams “Special Music Keynote” (or whatever they’re called) for Autumn. Why?

    Because Mac Pro & Logic Pro X utilizing 2 GPU’s (FCP X with an audio slant?) is enormously interesting for composers and producers - they could also focus on how iTunes Radio / Match / the over-all iTunes ecosystem is doing. 

    If it’s tiny enough as a keynote, they could easily ram in Mac Book Pro updates and obviously Mavericks would assist in making Logic Pro X even snappier on older machines. Overall I’m guessing the changes and additions to Logic Pro X which are fueled by the Redmatica-acquire will actually take some time to work in. 

    Let’s not forget that iOS7 also unveiled Inter-App Audio - this is going to take some time to break down in a cohesive way during a keynote..

    And since Redmatica is definitely related to automatic audio-chopping on iCloud -level, this would be a great way to inform us of Offline Siri-capabilities for both iOS and OS X Mavericks

    I can’t wait! :)

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  9. TUAW: Weekend Poll: What would you have asked Tim Cook at All Things Digital?

    Interesting article on TUAW, “What would you have asked Tim Cook at All Things Digital?”.. TUAW have a buggy system so here are my questions..

    1- What are your thoughts on BloomEnergy with their Bloom Box Fuel Cell product? Are you satisfied with the performance of these devices on your FuelCell Farms and will you be purchasing more of them in the future? Do the Bloombox Fuel Cells fit the Apple ideal as using the best methods for energy generation, or would you like to see them (or Apple) go further with this?

    2- D’you think the world will eventually move away from Coal, Nuclear, Oil and Fracking and towards Fuel Cells, Solar, wind and vortex-based water power production?

    3- Will Apple one day be able to produce a Terawatt of energy via your server farms worldwide?

    4- I would like to never have to charge my MacBookPro or iPhone - I’m also not a big fan of iPhone cases with solar panels, or backpacks with a battery and a solar panel as added weight - and they aren’t aesthetically pleasing either. Should I give up and buy one of these clunky things, or can I remain hopeful that Apple could one day provide us with iDevices with solar-panel layered touch-screens, fuel cells and thus also a laptop that will never require charging?

    5- You know one industry that is ripe for disruption? The Electrical Utility industry. Could you envision Apple as an electrical company?

    6- If you were to re-think the original “Think Different” -campaign, which scientists, inventors, philosophers, educators  and artists etc would you add as the north stars of Apple for 2013 and beyond?

    7- Who were your childhood heroes?

    8- You’ve accomplished a great deal during your tenure at Apple - is there something more you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?

    9- What steps have you taken to make sure that research engineers experimenting with inductive/wireless charging will no longer be dying of cancer at Apple? Is there a plan to advance internal knowledge at Apple re: cancer so that you no longer lose valuable employees?

    10- Steve Jobs was quoted at AllThingsDigital as saying (of his passing) “Well, it won’t be a party” (for the rest of Apple), but can you imagine Apple bouncing back from this great loss? Will it take some more time, or can you already witness healing happening at the company?

    11- Do you have a message to all the armchair critics who constantly analyse all of your hires and decisions in the most negative light possible? I’m guessing most of these types of people do not register on your radar at all?

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  10. FTFY: Greenpeace’s Senior IT Analyst Gary Cook. ”Jackson can make Apple the top environmental leader in the tech sector by helping the company use its technology to become an electric utility company and to provide the clean energy that both Apple and the world need right now.”
    – FTFY: Gary Cook of Greenpeace (with edits)

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  11. VOB to M4V to iBooks Author

    If you have a VOB you wish to add to an iBooks Author file, you can do so easily by using Compressor.

    Compressor will convert the file to .M4V, after which you can add a Media-Widget inside iBooks Author and drag the file from Finder to it.

    The Movie Optimization will start, and after that, well.. There it is! :)

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  12. photo

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  13. iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it. It is -13C (8.6F) outside and the car is very, very cold.

    iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it. It is -13C (8.6F) outside and the car is very, very cold.

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  14. AppleScript to check for App Updates in iTunes’11. (Updated)

    Hi, this AppleScript will only work in iTunes’11. It’s fairly simple:

    1- Launch iTunes

    2- Activate iTunes

    3- Press CMD-L (Go To Current Song - this exits the Search-bar :) )

    4- Press CMD-7 (switch to Apps-view)

    5- Press CMD-R (Check for App-updates)

    6- Stop.

    tell application “iTunes” to launch

    delay 2

    tell application “iTunes” to activate

    tell application “iTunes” to activate

    tell application “System Events”

    tell process “iTunes” to keystroke “L” using command down

    tell process “iTunes” to keystroke “7” using command down

    tell process “iTunes” to keystroke “r” using command down

    end tell

    I’ve set this up to be run by iCal daily. Let’s see if it’ll actually work. Enjoy. (UPDATED: Well, it did not work, because the CMD-7 / CMD-R would be ignored if the keyboard cursor was on the Search-bar. Took a while to realize that CMD-L (Go To Current Song) would exit the Search-bar, so here we go again.

    UPDATED#2: This will ONLY work if you are actually playing something on iTunes and have playback paused. I just cannot get this to work. Depressing.

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  15. My one issue with iOS6


    I’ve been using iOS6 for a few days now. I have one issue to report. I know you’ll think it’s what everyone else is talking about, but it’s not.

    So, here goes.

    In iOS6, Apple changed  when the “email sent” sound is played. The sound is played when you click “Send”. No longer is the sound played when the e-mail has been sent to the server.

    In fact, being an Edge-user on my iPhone 3GS, it is crucial for me to know when an email has been sent. I already know when I clicked “Send”, I don’t need a sound for that. I need a sound for when the email has been sent. I see no way to change this setting, and it is driving me crazy.

    Now, I hear you ask, why would this matter at all? Simple. If an user sends an email out and gets the familiar swoosh sound of email sent/delivered, the user will not know if the email went out, or if it didn’t.

    I have seen emails in the Outbox, left there when a connectivity error has occurred, and realised, that even though I heard the sound, the email was not sent to the server.

    What I’m trying to say, is that the decision in iOS6 to make the sound play when the email has not already been delivered, is the wrong decision to make, and that there is no setting to alter when the sound is played. 

    This should be changed as soon as possible. 

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